A film by Julia von Heinz


Carla ran away from home with great plans. She wants to go to Lyon to study fashion. At the train station all her luggage is stolen and she has to stick with Rico who offers her a job on his construction site so she can earn money to finance her journey. On the same construction site, a boat which is transformed into a bar, Lucie lives with her brother Michael. The boat is her home, where she wants to spend the rest of her life.
Lucie and Carla with their completely different concepts of life are brought together by destiny. Through their interaction Carla realizes what it means to have a place in life, for Lucie a new, bigger world opens up.
Shortly before continuing her journey Carla realizes to be pregnant. Her dream seems to be broken, because it is too late for an abortion. She cannot consult a doctor due to regulations of her health insurance. Lucie, who strongly wishes Carla to stay, proposes a contract: “You will have the baby pretending to be me, and I will take care of it”. Carla admits. Until the child’s birth both girls hide in an apartment, Michael settles down with them as a confidant. But finally, Carla does not want to leave her baby. She demands Lucie to leave her environment and her brother to go with her. The situation has to escalate before the two mothers are ready for big decisions.


Paula Kalenberg
Marie Luise Schramm
Benjamin Kramme
Vinzenz Kiefer
Toni Osmani
Clara Charlotte König
Martin Ontrop


  • ScreenplayJohn Quester
  • Julia von Heinz
  • DirectorJulia von Heinz
  • PhotographyDaniela Knapp
  • EditorFlorian Miosge
  • SoundBenjamin Hörbe
  • LightingMarkus Görgens
  • Production DesignJohn Quester
  • Costume DesignElke von Sivers
  • MusicMatthias Petschke
  • Executive ProducerPhilip Pratt
  • Editor WDRAndrea Hanke
  • ProduzentenSusann Schimk
  • Jörg Trentmann


German Film Academy Award (2009): Winner in the category “Best children and youth film”
23rd Torino GLBT Film Festival (2008): Winner of the Jury Special Award
11th Brooklyn International Film Festival (2008): Award for “Best Actress” for Marie-Luise Schramm
3rd International Days of film, Schwaebisch Hall, Germany (2007): Winner in the category “Best Feature”
37th International Giffoni Film Festival, Italy (2007): Winner of the Crystal Gryphon in the section “Y Gen”


Feature film, 100 min., 16/35mm, colour, Dolby SR, 1.1,85, 25fps
© 2007 credofilm in Co-production with WDR, arte and HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdam-Babelsberg

Distribution: MissingFILMs
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