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Ms. Senior Sweetheart
a film by Sabine Steyerarrow


Once a year a group of elderly women meet in Fall River, a small village south of Boston, to answer the fairy tale yet still modern age old question: Who is the prettiest in the land?
There are many beauty pageants, but just one Ms. Senior Sweetheart competition: this pageant is the only one in the world for women aged 58 and up. Since 1978 the pageant has invited women from all over America to spend 11 days in Fall River, starting with dress rehearsals, practicing their group performance and excursions around New England. The contest peaks with the "Ladies Ball" and the crowning of the new queen. The film follows three of the contestants on their way to the pageant and tales of getting older, staying young, facing death and a lust for life.

Technical Details

Documentary, English with German subtitles, 80 min., HD, Colour, Stereo, 1:1.85, 25fps
©2009 credofilm supported by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Kuratorium junger deutscher Film

Distribution: n.n.
World Sales: n.n.


Director Sabine Steyerarrow
Photography Birgit Möller
Sound Zora Hagedorn
Editor Sabine Steyer
Executive Producer Fabian Pöhlmann
Producers Susann Schimk
Jörg Trentmann